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April makes me laugh. The sun shines most days. All the snow has melted. The trees are starting to bud and the grass is coming up green. But it's still cold at night, hovering at zero, sometimes dipping below. It's cold in the mornings too, until the sun comes up and burns off the cool air leftover from the night before. The part I find the most amusing is the way people handle all of this.

On the bus in the morning I am met with people in various states of dress. Some are wearing long pants and winter coats. Others wear spring coats with mittens and scarves. Then you've got the sun worshippers who have on shorts or capri pants and flip flops even though it's barely two degrees. This morning there was a girl on the bus in capri pants, flip flops, a sweatshirt and mittens. Me? I've been wearing my spring coat and regular shoes or boots. This morning I opted for shoes with no socks. No socks always makes me feel like summer.

My body is a tricky bitch. I worked out last night. And I am here to tell you that this particular workout kicks my ass every time. It's 20 minutes of squats and lunges and dead lifts followed by 20 minutes of upper body followed by 10 minutes of abs. It's one of those workouts where just when you think she's going to let you put your leg down and rest, she wants you to hold it for 16 counts. Oy vey. Afterward I usually feel like I'm going to hurl, but I feel awesome for the rest of the day. This time I even felt awesome when I got up this morning. I thought maybe I had gotten away with it. Not so! After sitting in my chair here at work for an hour or so I got up to refill my water bottle. Everything hurts. My ass hurts. My thighs hurt. My biceps and triceps are screaming at me as I type this. But you know what? My knees don't hurt at all! Holler at my new running shoes.

Perhaps I'll go for a swim tonight to try to loosen everything up. I should take it where I can get it, because I think this is one of those weeks where I don't hate working out so much. Which is nice. I can handle the weeks when I hate it as long as the weeks where I don't mind so much outweigh them.

In other news? I am about due for a proper piss up. I've been hanging around the house, and drinking casually in pubs for weeks. It's about time I went out and got stupid, sloppy, falling down drunk. Who's with me?


9:38 a.m. - 04.13.05


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